Beihua University CSC Scholarship 2024 CGSCSC

Beihua University CSC Scholarship 2024 CGSCSC

Admission Last Date: 30 March 2024

Materials Required for Application :

1: CSC Portal Form

2: University Portal Form(if need to apply then)

3: Latest Degree(Sanad) : Notary Public

4: Latest Transcript (Mark Sheet): Notary Public

5: 2 Recommendation letters from Previous institute

6: English Proficiency Certificate (EPC from last institute)

7: PCC (Police Clearance Certificate : Non Criminals Record)

8: PEF (Physical Examination form : Medical clearance)


Eligible Students: 

Beihua University is now accepting applications for the academic year 2023–2024. Depending on the particular program, eligibility requirements may change, but generally speaking, applicants must meet the age restrictions and program prerequisites listed on their official website.

CSC Scholarship: For overseas students who are interested in attending Beihua University, the China Scholarship Council (CSC) Scholarship has been established. The recipients of this program receive financial assistance.

Scholarships: Beihua University offers a range of scholarships, including those for undergraduate and graduate students. Age restrictions and educational requirements are examples of eligibility criteria.

Age restrictions of 17 to 25 years and particular academic requirements in courses like Physics and Chemistry are part of the qualifying requirements for Beihua University’s MBBS program.

International Students: International students may also apply for scholarships at Beihua University. These scholarships are available for the academic year 2024 and cover a variety of subject areas.

Additional Scholarships: Beihua University provides a range of scholarships, including research grants and artistic awards, for international students.

For precise qualifying requirements for their selected program and financial opportunities, prospective candidates may consult the official Beihua University website and get in touch with the admission office.


List of Scholarships in Beihua University 

Scholarships at Beihua University are offered for the academic years 2024; . Despite the fact that the source refers to the previous academic year, Beihua University might still provide the same scholarships in 2024.

CSC Scholarship: For overseas students who are interested in attending Beihua University, the China Scholarship Council (CSC) Scholarship has been established. According to , this award offers financial aid for undergraduate and graduate programs in the many fields.

Numerous Scholarships:  , Beihua University offers a number of scholarships, including HKADC Overseas Arts Scholarships and IAL Research Grants for Doctoral Studies. In 2024, these scholarships might still be applicable.

Chinese Government Scholarships:  discusses Chinese Government Scholarships for MBBS, Beihua University is not particularly mentioned. However, it’s worthwhile to investigate whether Beihua University will take part in this program in 2024.


List of international Students in Beihua Uniersity : 

International students at Beihua University come from a wide range of nations and locations. Here are some details regarding the foreign students at Beihua University:

International Student Development: Since 2007, Beihua University has worked to develop international students. More than 500 foreign students from more than 50 different nations and regions have been accepted.

Alumni Distribution: The university’s website contains details regarding alumni distribution, which also includes information about international students.

Study Information: For foreign students considering attending Beihua University, source 3 offers pertinent details regarding admissions, housing, fees, and reviews.

CSC Scholarship: International students wishing to attend Beihua University may apply for the CSC Scholarship.

International students studying medicine: The Faculty of Medicine at Beihua University draws an increasing number of students from abroad.

Student Body: Beihua University’s 26,333 full-time students make up a diversified student body that includes 740 international students.







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