Touqeer Premy Admitted to the Jilin University || China Scholarship 2025-2026

Touqeer Premy Admitted to the Jilin University || China Scholarship 2025-2026 Admitted Candidates CSC Guides Official Scholar wall

Student Name: Touqeer Premy
From: Mirpurkhas, Sindh, Pakistan
Chinese Admitted University Name: Jilin University
Program: Master’s
Major: Environmental Engineering
Type of Scholarship: Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC)

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Congratulations to Touqeer Premy for securing admission to Jilin University for a Master’s program in Environmental Engineering, supported by a Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC)! It’s truly inspiring to see students like Touqeer achieve their dreams of studying abroad, particularly in China.

Touqeer’s success story serves as a shining example of dedication and perseverance. His acknowledgment of the guidance provided by Irfan Bhai and Ikram Bhai through the CSC Guide Official platform highlights the importance of reliable resources in navigating the scholarship application process.

How CSC Guide Helped: First of all, thank you Irfan Bhai and Ikram Bhai, the creators of this excellent platform (CSC Guide Official). I learned a lot from your CSC Guide Official YouTube channel, Facebook page, and website during the application process. Whenever I became confused, I watched your videos, which were very helpful for me and for all other students who want to study in China.

God Always Bless You!

A Special Note for Aspiring Students: Touqeer’s achievement is a testament to the power of determination and resourcefulness. His success serves as motivation for other aspiring students who dream of studying in China. By following the CSC Guide Official’s website and YouTube channel, students can access a wealth of valuable resources and stay updated on the latest scholarship opportunities. In Sha Allah, next year, more success stories like Touqeer’s will be shared, inspiring future generations of students to pursue their academic aspirations. Follow the CSC Scholarship 2025-2026 procedure on CSC Guide Official YouTube and CSC Guide Official Website to stay informed and prepared for your scholarship journey.

Wishing Touqeer Premy and all students embarking on their academic journey in China the very best in their endeavors!

Jilin University (JLU), located in Changchun, Jilin Province, China, is one of the leading national universities and a member of China’s prestigious “Double First Class” initiative. It has a rich history and a reputation for academic excellence and innovation.

History: Jilin University traces its roots back to the foundation of the Changchun Advanced College of Technology in 1946. It was one of the earliest institutions of higher learning established in the northeast region of China. In 1948, the college merged with several other institutions to form Jilin University, with a focus on science, engineering, medicine, and agriculture. Over the years, JLU has undergone significant development and expansion, achieving numerous milestones in education, research, and innovation.

Academic Excellence: JLU offers a comprehensive array of academic programs, covering fields such as science, engineering, medicine, agriculture, humanities, social sciences, law, and management. The university is particularly renowned for its strengths in areas such as materials science, chemistry, physics, biotechnology, and clinical medicine.

Campuses: Jilin University has multiple campuses in Changchun and other cities in Jilin Province. The main campuses include Qianwei Campus, Nanling Campus, and Chuangxin Campus, among others. Each campus is equipped with modern facilities, research centers, libraries, and student dormitories.

Scholarships: Jilin University offers various scholarships to support both domestic and international students, including the Chinese Government Scholarship, Jilin Provincial Government Scholarship, Jilin University President Scholarship, and Confucius Institute Scholarship. These scholarships aim to recognize academic excellence, encourage research, and promote cultural exchange.

International Students: JLU has a diverse international community, welcoming students from all over the world. The university provides a range of programs and services to support international students, including assistance with admissions, visas, housing, orientation programs, language courses, cultural exchange activities, and on-campus accommodation options.

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